White Papers

White papers are effective tools for generating leads, engaging with prospects and helping your company stand out from the crowd. Relying on facts, logic and persuasion (but usually not a hard sales pitch), they present solutions to problems and are a great way to introduce, explain or justify a B2B offering.

Sometimes referred to as guides, special reports or e-books, white papers typically fall into one of three main buckets:

  • Problem/Solution: A persuasive essay, this format (which may include a case study) presents a compelling solution to a problem and is great for attracting prospects at the top of the sales funnel.
  • Numbered Lists: Easy to digest, this format uses key points, questions or tips to address an issue, and works well at the middle of the sales funnel. Lists blend easily with other formats.
  • Backgrounders: Straightforward and predictable, this format addresses the technical features and benefits of a product or service—typically toward the bottom of the sales funnel.

If we work together, I’ll guide you through the planning process, help your company figure out the most effective format and develop a white paper that will work hard for months, or even years to come.